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Woodwind Department

Woodwind instruments are some of the oldest estimated in history, and learning a woodwind instrument has proven to be a great joy for dedicated musicians.  Classes are focused on increasing learners’ musicianship skills, developing proper technique, reading and writing music, and developing their skills to be able to participate in ensembles. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students will grow and develop their abilities, while having fun in an exciting and focused environment.

Woodwind Ensembles (Ages 10 -17)

Students will learn to apply their instrumental and vocal skills in an ensemble setting, learning the jazz idiom through improvisation, aural skills, and creative interpretation of America’s own art form. Students will learn to play different jazz styles from swing to shuffle to funk to latin to ballad, exploring and understanding how to create and recreate. Our Jazz Messengers will have fun making music together, no matter which instrument they play! 

*Audition Required.  

$25 per ensemble

Private Lessons - Teens & Adults

Students at intermediate or advanced levels can sign up for one-on-one lessons with an instructor. In these lessons, students will work on their specific needs, with lessons tailored to fit their abilities and goals.

$30 - $50 per lesson

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