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Piano Department

Children, Teens & Adults

Why should your child start music at a young age? There are so many great reasons to start early!  Learning music expands the ear and brain abilities, and helps strengthen social and problem-solving skills.


Am I too old to learn a new skill? This question is one that teenagers and adults ask themselves often, before learning the piano. The answer, of course, is that you are never too old to learn something new.  

Our piano department gets results with every learner, because we create lessons where each student develops musicianship skills like ear training, music theory, proper piano technique, reading and writing music, and even composing. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students learn how to increase their skills through proper at home practice and clear objectives to achieve their goals.

Pianorama Courses (Ages 4 - 12)


This course comprises all the elements required to develop musical and technical skills for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students. The curriculum is specifically written to encompass a wide range of musical activity, which enables concentration levels to be kept at the optimum during the lesson. A focus on developing a musical ear accelerates the process of achievement. 


In each 45-minute weekly lesson, the students develop the following:

  • Piano Skills – technical development, with solo and ensemble work

  • Aural (Ear) – to train the musical ear for faster comprehension

  • Singing – pitch and vocal expression through original, contemporary songs

  • Musical Games – Fun activities involving learning skills

  • Music Appreciation – to develop listening skills and understand musical structure through actions

  • Theory – intellectual confirmation of music notation and theoretical elements

  • Percussion – practical experience learning rhythmic patterning

*Grouped by age in small classes and parents are able to sit in for all classes

$22.50 - $35

Pianist For Ensembles (Ages 13 - Adults)

Times Vary

We have exciting, style-specific ensembles that experienced pianists can join. Audition or music assessment is required.  


Current Ensembles:

  • Jazz Messengers  (Ages 13 - 17)

  • Big Band  (Ages 13 to 17)

  • Modern Jazz  (Ages 13 - 17)

  • Funk Band  (Ages 13 - 17)

  • R/B & Soul Band  (Adults)

$25 - $35

Adult Piano Classes

This class is for beginners, and will help them develop music theory understanding, finger techniques, and the proper piano skills needed to learn and enjoy playing songs of various genres. 

$27.50 per class

Private Piano Lessons

Teens or Adults

Students at intermediate or advanced levels can sign up for one-on-one lessons with an instructor. In these lessons, students will work on their specific needs, with lessons tailored to fit their abilities and goals.

$30.00 - $50.00

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