Not being able to know how to create and play music is very frustrating

We provide every student with the skills through our systematic educational plan

Why Students Choose MSI

Children, Teens & Adults


Not knowing how to CREATE and PLAY music is very frustrating.


Our music school provides a fun, energetic and engaging systematic educational plan for every student. 

Our students not only build confidence but music knowledge as well.  

Interested Students

Would you like to enroll in a school that teaches you all about music and makes learning fun? Would you like to work with instructors who care about your individual progress and will make sure you know how to continue improving?  We have a wide range of classes/instruments to  help you achieve your goals! 


Allow us to help you develop musically.

Children, Teens & Adults

 Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 12:00 pm- 8:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am- 4:00 pm
Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 12:00 pm- 2pm 
(We answer questions and more)

Our mission is to provide quality music education to all ages by focusing on developing musicianship skills through enjoyable interactive classes and effective

teaching methods. 

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