" Providing quality music education for all ages. "

1.) Who can enroll?
Children (beginning at age 2), Teens and Adults. We offer group classes, private lessons, camps and workshops.

2.) Is prior music experience needed to enroll?
No, prior music experience is required. New students are able to attend an introductory class.

3.) Do you teach private lessons and other instruments?
Yes, private lessons for children are available for students who graduate from our advance Pianorama courses. For Teens and Adults a music assessment is required prior to enrollment.
In addition to piano we teach trumpet, french horn and voice for intermediate and advanced students; music assessment is required.

4.) Do you offer introductory classes or music assessments?
Yes, introductory classes and music assessments are available for interested students. Sign up on our contact page at www.musicschoolsptc.com.

5.) How long are the introductory classes and music assessments?
Typically 20-30 minutes.

6.) How often are the classes held?
Classes are once a week. Class times range from 30-45 minutes.

7.) How many students are in a class?
The maximum is 10 students for group courses.

8.) What is the class schedule?
Typically group classes run during the school year August through May. Private lessons, workshops and seasonal camps vary.

9.) What will my child learn and develop at your school?
Students will learn aural, reading, rhythm, technique, theory and performance skills. They will develop confidence and commitment in a non-pressured, fun environment.

10.) How much are parents involved in class?
A parent is required to attend class with students ages 2-6. For ages 7 and up, parents are encouraged to attend classes periodically. All Parents are required to come into the class during the last 10 minutes of class.

11.) How can I monitor my child’s progress?
Progress reports are provided twice a year. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in parent/teacher workshops offered during the school year.

12.) What do I do if I have questions or concerns for the teacher or school director?
Most questions or concerns can be answered during the introductory class. Questions or concerns during the school year should be emailed to info@musicschoolsptc.com.

13.) What if private lessons were taken in the past; can I or my child still enroll in the school?
Absolutely, we will schedule you or your child for a music assessment to determine which education program would be best suited.

14.) What happens if a student is absent or misses a group class?
It is the parent’s responsibility to request homework for missed class at www.musicschoolsptc.com. Make-up classes are not provided. Parents can request a tutorial class, additional fees may apply.

15.) Are siblings or relatives allowed to sit in classes?
Siblings must remain in the waiting room when classes are in session (except for infants under 1, if quiet). Parents are responsible for monitoring sibling behavior. Relatives attending a class is dependant on availability and class activities.

16.) What is the tuition for classes?
Classes range from $15-$35. Contact the office for Teen and Adults pricing 770-629-2229.

17.) What is the billing process?
Tuition is paid prior to the start of classes. Payments options are full year, 2 times a year or 4 times a year. Incentives given for full payment.

18.) Are there incentives if I enroll more than 1 child?
Yes, incentives are provided on the enrollment fee and on tuition for a third child.

19.) Do you offer referral incentives?
Of course! We appreciate our customers for sharing with others about our school. Visit our front desk for referral incentives or contact us at info@musicschoolsptc.com.

20.) What is your cancellation policy?
Tuition payments are non-refundable. Cancellations require a four- week notice. Tuition credits can be given for a specific period of time. Early termination fees may be applied for cancellations without notice.

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