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Baby Grand Piano for Sale

FOR SALE - KAWAI GM10 (used)

For many years, the Kawai GM-10 was one of the most popular baby grand pianos in the world. In 2015, it was replaced by the GL-10 which has continued its proud legacy as one of the world's best-selling 5'0" grand pianos. 

  • Length: 5'0" (150cm)

  • Width: 5' (150cm)

  • Height: 3'4" (102cm)

  • Weight: 596 lbs. (270kg)

  • Newly Tuned

Kawai’s GM Series baby grand pianos have long been one of the most popular choices among pianists searching for an excellent smaller grand. But when Kawai introduced the new GL Series Grand Pianos in 2015, the GM-10 gave way to the GL-10, a model that quickly became one of the most respected instruments in its class. The GL Series line of grand pianos made its mark on the entire music products industry when it was named “Global Music Industry Product of the Year” — the top award presented annually by MMR Magazine. Nominees for this award were not limited to the piano segment but included all musical products from guitars to band instruments, strings, digital keyboards, pro audio, lighting, and accessories. Amid the expansive world of musical instruments, the GL Series Grand Pianos have a unique place of distinction as one of the finest lines in the global industry.

The buyer will be responsible for getting movers to move the piano to their desired location.

Was $5,500

On Sale for $4,500

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