Musicianship Courses

(Ages 2-12)

Toddler Classes

Hear - Sing - Play - Read - Write 

Why should your child start music at a young age? There are so many great reasons to start early!  Learning music expands the ear and brain abilities, and helps strengthen social and problem-solving skills. Every one of our music courses focuses on the learner developing the ear, using their voice, and playing instruments (starting with the piano at four years old) as they learn how to read and write music. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students will learn all about theory and technique while having fun creating music with others.

Jitterbug Music Course (Age 2)

Introduction to early music fundamentals such as: (30 minutes weekly lesson)

  • Beat and rhythm – using percussion

  • Aural – listening skills

  • Pitch – singing songs


Additional Benefits:

  • Nurtures Creativity

  • Emphasis is on the children having fun

  • Students learn to share, take turns and work with others


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Beebopper Music Course (Age 3)

This age specific program aims to develop all aspects of early music fundamentals for this most receptive age group. It is at this age that we can open the door for children to learn music as a language.

Segments include: (45 minutes weekly lesson)

  • Pitch through a structured vocal program of original and known favorites

  • Music with movement and physical response

  • Gross and fine motor skill exposure

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Our mission is to provide quality music education to all ages by focusing on developing musicianship skills through enjoyable interactive classes and effective

teaching methods. 

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