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Would you like to plant the seeds for a lifelong love of music in your children? Are you longing to play the piano again after years away from this elegant instrument? Would you like to learn how to pour your emotions into a lyrical and moving song?

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Musical Excellence

Music Schools International is the first U.S. affiliate of the International School of Music since 2008, which has other network schools in Australia and New Zealand. The distinguished music educator Rosalind Thrift of Australia, established the I.S.M. curriculum in 1997 and to date there are over 30 schools in the ISM/MSI network. Professional musicians and educators share their passion for music and extensive training. At Music Schools International, musical excellence is the standard source of inspiration.

Music Theory and Musicality

At Music Schools International, students enter the exhilarating world of music through theoretical and practical classes. During simple and understandable lessons, students learn to read music with ease. They also discover how to make music, which is pleasing to the ears and uplifting to the spirit. With the piano as the main instrument and medium of instruction, knowledgeable teachers deepen students’ musical competence and appreciation.

Group Music Classes

If you are new to music lessons, Music Schools International is your door to an invigorating musical experience. Encouraging instructors are trained to teach at your level and guide you patiently each step of the way. If you are an advanced student who wants to qualify for a university’s music program or simply enrich your musical appreciation, Music Schools International has classes that are designed especially for you.

Children Courses

Our group based curriculum is engaging, progressive and age-specific. Students are taught aural (ear) training, rhythms, reading, writing, music history and at age 4 piano technique in added. By teaching in groups we are able to expose a greater breadth of experience to the learning process in an unpressurized and fun-filled environment.

Teen and Adult Classes

For the beginner, intermediate and advance student; our classes will teach pitch identification, music theory, reading, writing, ear training, piano technique and exploration of music genres. Each class focuses on developing the whole musician not just learning to play a song.

If you’re age 15 or 58, a music class is available to help you succeed in achieving your dreams. With a supportive environment that recognizes your needs and potential, you can tap into a fulfilling love of music, which will carry you throughout your life.

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