"Providing quality music education to all ages"

Brian Simmons
School Director/Head Teacher


Driven, compassionate and focused are just a few words used to describe Brian Simmons by his peers and fellow artists. Brian has educated hundreds of students, performed for thousands of audiences and impacted countless musicians with his innate sense of musicianship, professionalism and love for teaching. As a Pianist, Composer and Music Educator he has more than 15 years of experience in the arena and that is only the beginning.

As a world-traveled Pianist, he has the ability to perform various genres of music and adapt to a wide range of audiences. He has performed throughout the United States, Australia, France and Switzerland. Brian has delighted the ears of prestigious persons including former United States President George W. Bush and Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Simmons has helped mark history by performing at the nationally recognized 1996 Olympics Opening. Brian is sought after to bring musical life and entertainment to special events and charitable benefits for numerous occasions. Complimentary to Brian’s outstanding musical accomplishments are his humble beginnings. While in college he studied with well-known American composer, Jay Chattaway. They composed and conducted beautiful original music for Primetime Emmy award-winning television series, Star Trek: Voyager.

Brian, the composer, is forever evolving. You will find a sample of Simmons’s composed music in films like the 2010 Lifetime television original movie, “Raising Izzie,” now available on DVD and accessible at local Red Box locations. He has composed, produced, and released two albums starting in 2003 “Music That Restores Soul,” and 2009 “God’s Words.” If that’s not impressive enough, from 2008 to date Brian has composed and arranged music for international ministries, locally recognized ministries and music departments of various schools of the public education system.

Teaching is second nature for Brian. The proud alumnus of Berklee College of Music earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film Scoring and Music Education. He is committed to ensuring the upcoming generation of musical artists is equipped for success. This is shown with his service on myriad musical and educational panels and platforms. He utilizes the opportunities to teach, impart into and empower his audiences. Simmons has not only educated but mentored students of all ages from different walks of life. Brian takes great joy in the success stories of those he mentors. He mentored one of his students as she wrote and composed more than 30 songs. Of those songs, 9 were selected and placed on her first album that she later released and sold. As a result her music was purchased and licensed by a corporation for use.

As an entrepreneur and leader, Brian is influential in his community. He is Owner, Director and Certified Instructor of the International School of Music (ISM) curriculum for Music Schools International in Peachtree City. Since 2008 he and his wife Nicole have serviced their local community by providing premier music education to all ages. Brian and Nicole are active leaders in their local church serving children through music and the arts in the Children’s Ministry Department.

Nicole Simmons
General Manager


Nicole obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from Gordon College in Massachusetts and have spent more than a decade training, coaching and growing people. Her work with a diverse clientele of entrepreneurs, executive directors, managers, teachers, business professionals and young adults gives me a broad perspective in connecting with others to help them achieve their goals.

Her experience and understanding in leadership training and program development allows her to analyze specific community programs, assess, quickly develop and implement plans that meet the needs of the organization. This ensures long-term success of the organization’s leadership and youth. Her creativity, excellence in service, and attention to detail make her an asset to the MSI team. Her motto: “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.”